Key Innovations

Incorporation of a service-oriented infrastructure into the Interchain
Integration of business services offered by heterogeneous systems, including public and consortium chains as well as legacy systems
NFT Interoperability across the Internet of Blockchains and service interactions between on/off-chain systems
Core Features
  • IBC + iService

    TCP/IP + HTTP protocol of blockchains that can build and further broaden the Internet of Blockchains to support cross-platform data & application services between on-chain and off-chain.

  • ICA + NFT

    Cross-chain management of NFT and MT assets through Interchain Account.

  • TIBC

    Terse IBC protocol to accelerate heterogeneous interchain technology with NFT transfers, smart contracts interactions and other cross-chain services enabled.

  • Coinswap

    Cross-chain AMM protocol, a vanguard innovation platform for the Cosmos application ecosystem.

Upcoming Features

  • EVM

    Deploying EVM feature to enable interoperability with Ethereum

  • Interchain NFT

    Deploying ICS721 standard to enable NFT assets interchain transfers

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