IRIS Hub 1.0
Interchain Service Hub for NextGen Distributed Applications

– A BPoS Blockchain That Is Self-evolutionary

New Features

IRIS Hub 1.0 will launch IBC and support innovative DeFi functions like crosschain AMM, and the KUAFU stage will begin.

Refactored and upgraded iService interchain service framework. The enhanced iService, as the application layer protocol, can support the connections between heterogeneous blockchains and centralized systems, and bridge the crypto world with the traditional business world.

IBC + iService, as the TCP/IP + HTTP protocol of blockchains, can build and further broaden the Internet of Blockchains.

Multi-Networks IBC Joint Tests


Cross-chain AMM, a vanguard innovation platform for DeFi applications in the Cosmos ecosystem.


Supported oracle service based on iService, to impletment cross-platform data services from off-chain to on-chain/off-chain.


Supported NFT, to achieve the digitization of assets on blockchains.


Proposal #1

IRIS Hub 1.1 Mainnet Upgrade


Proposal #2

IBC Enabled